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Wileyfox Swift Notification Light

Pulse settings for the notification light are deliberately disabled in the UI, but are in fact supported by the hardware to some degree.

Apps like Light Flow can be used to enable it, but

  1. It feels wrong having to install an app for that and
  2. The app permissions are just mental (as so often)
  3. I don't care for detailed notification settings, so it's complete overkill

Luckily, the settings can also be changed manually through the settings provider thingy:

root@crackling:/ # settings –cm put system notification_light_pulse_default_led_on 500

root@crackling:/ # settings –cm put system notification_light_pulse_default_led_off 4000

Not all arbitrary values are supported, but ranges of values will yield different effects (e.g. >1000 “slow”, <100 “fast”, etc)

The LED colour is a signed integer representation, e.g. pure red (0xFF0000) is read and written as:

root@crackling:/ # settings –cm get system notification_light_pulse_default_color


What appears to be a complete list of settings is here.

I would recommend setting the colour in the UI first, and then changing the pulse settings. Setting the colour in the UI will set the pulse settings to their default (i.e. not pulsing).

Unfortunately, notification pulses seem to override the charge indicator.

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